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Concept Brief

Anatolia Turkish Grill was established in 2009 with the sole mission of opening restaurants "Real Turkish Food" in a contemporary, customer friendly and luxurious service atmosphere. The company launched its first concept "Anatolia Turkish Grill" in Granada Mall in Riyadh in March 2010. The opening of "Anatolia Turkish Grill" represented a turning point in the casual dining field and in the history of Turkish Restaurants in Riyadh with its authentic Turkish taste and careful selection of menu items from Real Turkish appetizer dishes to mouth watering oven pies, soups and salads, main courses and a brilliant selection of sandwiches. Combined with an extremely friendly and flexible service through highly and professionally trained staff, the meals served by "Anatolia Turkish Grill" continued to attract a fast increasing number of customers over time and the satisfied customer base continued to grow rapidly to the extent the name "Anatolia Turkish Grill" entered social networking websites and articles by bloggers were being posted all over the net.

The company's commitment to the best levels of service along with the widest possible spectrum of Turkish flavors and tastes as well as the well studied and reasonable pricing structure of meals and dishes drew the attention of almost all of the target audience and the cultural attaché of the Turkish embassy chose the restaurant to supply the function of "The Turkish Cultural Day" with Turkish Grills and hot appetizers while the restaurant was less than a month old.

"Anatolia Turkish Grill" is the first of what "London Business Group" aims to launch as a premium Multi National Chain specialized in serving "Real Turkish Food" to the widest base of customers interested in high quality food, top notch service and state-of-the-art atmosphere at affordable price and right within their neighborhood.

Currently operating five outlets across United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, all located in highly frequented & popular locations. Anatolia concepts serve multicultural middle & high income customers. The size of our concepts is as follows:

  • Anatolia Turkish Grill – 250 sq. m
  • Anatolia Simple – 120 to 150 sq. m
  • Anatolia Quick – 60 to 90 sq. m

Owner Profile

Although there may be a number of viable franchisee profiles, Anatolia Turkish Grill Management believes that it should try to attract franchisees that meet the following criteria:

  • Proven Entrepreneurial skill with a net worth to insure continuity and business requirements.
  • Hard-working with a desire to succeed.
  • Successful business owner or executive.
  • Good people skills, including business, management and customer service skills.

  • High personal standards: excellence, honesty and integrity.
  • Ability to work within a system.
  • Stability and maturity.
  • Exposed to business and businesses operation.
  • Can easily get suitable locations in the countries they operate in.
  • Financial strength, well rounded and exposed owner.


Privacy Policy: All information provided is kept confidential and will not be disclosed except for purposes of verification. Please answer all questions.

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